Hello friends!
I know I know, I haven’t posted in a while… Apologies! This year/summer has been filled with many wild, wonderful, and wacky opportunities. The biggest “thing” to have happened this year is I was in a new immersive theatre production called “Hogtown” here in Toronto. What’s immersive theatre, one may ask? Think “Sleep No More”, think “Brantwood”. The audience walks around a venue and experiences all of the different scenes and storylines as they are happening. There are no guides, no rules, you could see one storyline one night and a completely different one the next night. This was Hogtown! Set on the night of the 1926 Toronto mayoral election, Hogtown explored the political scandals of the time as well as the issues pertaining to Prohibition. You had temperance women protesting an illegal speakeasy downstairs where yours truly was singing. But more than that, what we discover is that my character, Maddy Foster is the current mayor’s daughter and is singing at the speakeasy in secret, all while getting wrapped up with a local gangster who may or may not have gotten her pregnant… Oh the drama!!
It was an absolute blast and was actually the largest Equity collective in Canadian History… Not bad, eh? Over 30 people completed this cast including Canadian theatre stars David Keeley, Kelly Holiff, Dov Michaelson, Allan Price, Nora and David Rosser, Jorge Molina, Lori Nancy Kalamanski, and Drew Carnwath with an extra 20 or so on the creative team including the show’s director, co-producer and co-writer Sam Rosenthal.
We workshopped it in January and ran it to sold out houses this past July and August.
Stay tuned for a possible remount this coming January 2017. You don’t want to miss this one. It’s a truly unique theatre experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Visit to get on our mailing list and keep yourselves in the loop.


  1. wendy smith says:

    luv ur commercial

  2. Carla Sage says:

    Looking forward to your singing at Temple Sinai for Shavuot.

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