I Loved It Because… it was awesome.

Greetings!  For those of you eager gabiepstein.com readers who came to the site anxiously awaiting a post about the wildly successful last show I was in, “I Love You Because” only to see that there was nothing, apologies.  We took over Facebook and Twitter with our shameless plugs every single day and so chances are, if you read these posts, you had probably heard about the show anyway through other mediums.  In any event, it was pretty wonderful.  What an AMAZING cast and crew and with a fantastic theatre company, Angelwalk Theatre.  Jeff Madden, Elena Juatco, Jay Davis, Michael De Rose, Cara Leslie and myself, directed by Darcy Evans, musical directed by Lily Ling.  I don’t remember the last time I have had as much fun rehearsing and performing a show.  We all kind of love each other and hope to do the show again soon so stay tuned for that possibility.  And visit my “press” page to see some nice reviews of the show! (with a little special shout out for yours truly…)

Thanks to everyone who came out to see it and who told others it was great.  We love you all… you know… because.

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