Pender? I hardly know her!

Greetings cabaret lovers.  Blood Brothers has come to an end and as amazing of an experience it was, I am so excited for what’s to come this year.  Literally days after our closing performance, I had the unbelievable opportunity to do my very own solo cabaret show in… drumroll please… PENDER ISLAND, BC!  I had never been out west before… (I’m a bad Canadian, I know…) and so to have the opportunity to go there and perform a show was just great.  Accompanied by piano-playing, Shaw-interning, fabulous-being James Smith, we certainly gave Pender Island something to sing about.  Favourite audience comment of the show: “Where do you get the moxy to perform like that with such confidence?”  to which I replied: “It’s called “chutzpah” where I come from”.  Not sure if she knew what the heck I was talking about but whatever…

All in all, I love Pender Island.  James and I had a fabulous time.  It was only heightened by the fact that we got to spend the whole next day in Vancouver before our evening flight.  And… you know… who doesn’t like bike riding through Stanley Park, lunch in North Vancouver, and many a splendid walk through Gastown?

It was a lovely way to spend my first week sans the Blood Brothers and makes me even more excited for my next adventure in… drumroll please… BELLEVILLE, ON!  Yep, this Epstein’s coming to the B-Town to play Christine in “The Panto of the Opera”… yes you heard correctlly… that’s “Panto” not “Phantom”… Only will I play Christine in the “Panto” of the Opera.  Please visit for tickets!  There are both “famiy” and “naughty” shows so just make sure you pick the right one to avoid any awkward situations with children/grandparents etc… :)

That’s it for now!  Will update you on my Panto-tastic adventures in a couple of weeks. Until then, don’t forget that my CD, “Show Off” makes for an AMAZING Christmas/Hanukkah present… and I’m not just saying that because everyone I knew got one last year….. honest.  Please visit my music page for info on purchasing it!

Cheers xo

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