Blood Brothers!

So, despite the lack of posts my summer has actual been pretty busy.  I am, for the second year in a row working for Drayton Entertainment in their phenomenal production of Willy Russell’s “Blood Brothers” directed by the Artistic Director of the company, Alex Mustakas.

This production features Charlotte Moore as Mrs. Johnstone (you may remember her from my production of “To Life” here in Toronto), Paul McQuillan as Mickey, and Tory Doctor as Eddie.

I, in addition to playing Donna Marie, the eldest Johnstone, play about 6 other characters that appear for brief moments throughout the play… Not quite the feature that “To Life” was but still a lot of fun.  I am really honoured to be a part of this great show with such a stellar cast.

We’ve been in Grand Bend and Penetanguishene, Ontario this summer and we hit the St. Jacobs Playhouse in Waterloo in October.  Check out for more information.  Hope to see you there!

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